what to do in Trancoso


What to do in Trancoso?

Trancoso is one of the best conserved villages in the south of Bahia, despite being situated 40 km far from the very touristic Porto Seguro. It's part of a trio of small villages, to which belongs also Espelho and Caraiva.

Trancoso was originally a thriving fishing community discovered in 1586 by the Portuguese and populated by a Jesuit community. Re-discovered during the '70 by Brazilian hippies in search of a place to evade the repressive culture of the ruling regime. Since then the village has lost almost nothing of it`s overwhelming charm. The Unesco protected historical “Quadrado” is devided by several small colorfull houses and the white little church in the background overlooking the ocean. Unspoiled golden sandy beaches bordered to the north and south by rivers are still as the Portuguese sailors found them exept of a handful of beach bars, restaurants and a few charming little beachfront hotels.

During the day people enjoy long walks on the semi deserted beaches, relaxing on one of the hip beachbars or enjoying a game of golf on one of the most exiting beachfront golf courses of Brazil. The neigboring villages Arraial d'Ajuda & Caraíva are worth a visit. Arraial d'Ajuda has one of the first Catholic churches of Brazil and has a charming little shopping street called Mucugê that only comes to live after the sun goes down. Caraíva is a charming little fisherman village where electricity only arrived recently. The main attraction are the completely deserted beaches and the centers village where the roads are still made out of sand.

Don't forget to visit the Indian Pataxo reservate just outside Trancoso and the beach of Espelho, considered one of the most beautifull beaches of Brazil. Make sure to visit the Espelho beach at low tide, only then do surface the natural warm swimming pools formed by coral reefs.

When the night falls the entire Quadrado is decorated by torch and candlelight, inviting natives and vacationers to stroll under the clear moon and stars, enjoying long dinners, live music and late-night beach parties at the famous beachbar Tostex.

Recently the Brazilian elite and several Hollywood moviestars again re-discovered this well hidden paradise and transformed it in their favorite luxury vacation destination. Many visitors get enchanted by its remoteness, hippie attitude and Unesco protected architecture. Trancoso's ideal year round warm climate combined with the privacy and intimacy of a small village offers the perfect escape for those seeking privacy and exotic locations. Trancoso is today one of the world's sexiest and most exclusive vacation hideouts in Brazil.


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