how to get in trancoso


How to get to Trancoso?

Trancoso is located in the south of the state Bahia, Brazil. The nearest International airport is Porto Seguro, witch can be reached from the capital of Bahia, Salvador or directly from Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paulo.

Trancoso is around 86 kilometers from the airport of Porto Seguro. The drive takes about an 1h15. Rental car services are available at the airport (but the road is very bad and no signalizations) or an airport taxi can bring you straight to your Hotel or pousadas in Trancoso. Get in contact with Tom from Taxi Porto (an airport taxi company) he speaks English.

His contacts are whatsapp: +5573988331550 or Email:

There is a private jet airport and heliport called Terravista (also home of famous Golf course), about 20 min away from the center of Trancoso. The 1500 meter (or 4,921 feet) runway is paved and is certified for day and night landings and takeoffs. The Terravista Heliport is located just a few meters from the golf course.

Terravista airport details: lat: S16° 34' 42.35" Long: W39° 05' 19.12"

When is the best time to go on vacation in Trancoso? The summer runs from December to March, the winter runs from June to August. Seasonal differences are very small, the average temperatures vary by no more than 3 tor 4 degrees. Summer highs of 33° C (or 91.4F) and winter highs average 25° C (or 77F) during the day, during the nighttime the temperature falls and is around 19° C (or 66F).


Actual weather conditions and temperature in Trancoso, for Trancoso weather forecast: click here

Christmas to February are perfect for people who want to enjoy Trancoso at his best, when the hip and chic come to enjoy the wonderfull beaches and to dance the night away, especially around New Year, when the best parties are organised on several beaches of the city. Winters are quieter but still warm enough to enjoy this little tropical paradise. The sunny days with cool ocean breezes make it perfect for golf throughout the day or wonderful beach excursions.

Ocean temperatures stay almost the same from summer to winter, 28°C to 25°C (or 82F to 76F), allowing you to enjoy an relaxing ocean swim throughout the year. Rainfall increases a little bit more during the winter season but most of the rain conveniently falls in the late evening and night.

This area of Brazil sees no tropical storms, hurricanes or tornadoes, and with year out warm air and ocean temperatures make Trancoso the ideal vacation place.


Map of Trancoso:


Source: wikimapia


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