Neighboring cities of Trancoso


Caraíva: a preserved paradise


Caraíva remembers the city of Porto Seguro twenty years ago! The roads are still made out of sand and free of cars. During the day, tourists enjoy the sound of waves breaking on the endless beaches and when the night falls, thousands of stars light up the dark blue sky. Only recently was installed electricity in this small village.

This small fisherman village is located about 70 kilometers of Porto Seguro. The difficult access helped to preserve this little paradise, where it seems that time has stood still. Fishermen throw their nets, women wash their clothes in the river and the indians of the Pataxó tribe create their art works made out of wood and coconut.

The city seems to be divided by a lovely river on one side and astonishing beaches protected by coconut trees on the other side. North of Caraíva are located the beaches of Espelho and Curuípe, two of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia.

If you want to spend your holidays in a place where peace, tranquility and romance are the main ingredients, then let Caraíva seduce you!

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Arraial d'Ajuda: the corner place of the world

arraial d'ajuda

Arraial d'Ajuda is located in the district of Porto Seguro, in the southern part of the state of Bahia on the top of impressive colorful cliffs surrounded by the immense Atlantic forest and endless beaches with warm green-blue waters.

Arraial d’Ajuda is a charming small village that since its birth in 1549 preserved her typical architecture, culture and surrounding native nature. The city has the same latitude as some other mystic places in the world like Bali, Indonesia that always attracted esoteric and adventurers from all over the world.

Nearly 18 kilometers of beautiful colorful beaches are the main attraction of Arraial d’Ajuda. Some of them protected by reefs, forming natural swimming pools at low tide, others still preserved and semi deserted.A historical church dated 1549 and the two most important streets, Bróduei and Mucugê divide the center of Arraial d’Ajuda.

On “Bróduei” you can find little colorful shops who sell typical crafts and also gives access to the square where the church of Nossa senhora d’Ajuda is located. Mucugê is a charming street where most of the restaurants, bars, shops and hotels are located and where the nightlife is the most intense. This street also gives access to the beach with the same name.

The mixture of locals, native indians, hippies, tourists transformed Arraial d’Ajuda into a small international village and therefore call it “the corner place of the world”.

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Porto Seguro: Discovery Coast

porto seguro

The region of Porto Seguro was discovered in 1500 by the Portuguese Pedro Álvares Cabral, in search for a safe place to anchor and discover the new unknown continent.

The history of the city, the beautiful reef protected beaches, many beach bars with the traditional axe music and carnaval (that only starts after the end of all other Brazilian carnavals) are the main attractions of the city. Porto Seguro is one of the most popular destinations in the south of Bahia by Brazilian and international tourists.

The city has an intense nightlife, especially on the “passarela do álcool” or “Liquor Street” and the famous beach bars where various raves, bonfires and parties are organized during the high season.

The beaches at North (ponta grande and mutá) are almost deserted, perfect for long walks on the beach. Other beaches more towards the south where most of the beach bars are located are crowded and visited by tourists.Its worth to visit the marine park “recife de fora” where you can find various types of coral reefs and colored fishes and the discovery memorial with replicas of Portuguese ships.

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